Gravity Base Completion

Monday 06 November 2006

David McVeigh, Harland and Wolff head of sales and marketing, says the gravity base has been commissioned by Monitor Oil PLC to fulfill a contract with Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
“Monitor Oil has entered into a contract with CNR International (U.K.) Limited, a subsidiary of Canadian Natural Resources-Limited, to provide CNR with a Power Buoy System that will provide power generation for up to 16 downhole electrical submersible pumps for CNR’s further development of the Lyell Field.
“Our role is to build the gravity base which will support the power buoy,” says Mr. McVeigh
“There are few companies in Europe who could undertake the construction of this specialist piece of equipment,” he says. “We are very pleased to secure this work because it amply displays the broad spectrum of large engineering projects which can be undertaken here in Belfast.”