In Appledore, one of Harland & Wolff’s latest projects has reached an important milestone.

On Saturday, 8th June, a specialist cable barge that will enter service in His Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Portsmouth was lifted from its construction area into the dock.

This impressive vessel, designed to deploy and retrieve anchors for naval ships, showcases some of the exciting projects we are currently undertaking.

The barge will manage anchors and anchor chains, ensuring seamless operations at Portsmouth Naval Base. With painting currently underway, ballasting is scheduled for 19th June to add stability with concrete. Final touches, including the fitment of fenders and the completion of painting, are expected by 6th July. An inclining experiment will confirm stability before delivery.

This project highlights our proud contributions to the UK’s naval infrastructure. The successful deployment of this barge will make Portsmouth Naval Base more efficient and support the Royal Navy’s crucial work.