We are able to take some of the largest commercial vessels, bridges, structural steel projects, building and loading frames , whilst retaining the capacity to handle concurrent projects of varying size easily.

With two of Europe’s largest dry docks and direct deep water access, we provide unrivaled accessibility paired with high performing teams dedicated to delivering success stories.

From design to fabrication, our experienced team is here to work on small vessels and large, through to bridges and other onshore steel fabrication projects.

Large storage areas and nearly 2,000m2 of quayside offer unique opportunities to conduct work ahead of vessels arriving, ensuring we are keeping downtime to an absolute minimum for any fabrication, construction or conversion projects.

We will work around-the-clock to provide the fastest turnaround to get vessels back into service promptly, whilst ensuring the highest safety and quality.

Success Stories

MV Anvil Point & MV Eddystone

  • Conversion

Having built and delivered two of these sister vessels in 2003, Harland and Wolff have maintained a close working relationship with Andrew Weir Ltd.

MV Aberdeen

  • Conversion

The MV Aberdeen is a North Sea Shuttle Tanker operated by Northern Marine Management on behalf of Stena Offshore.

Our bold new way of working honours ever-important safety, environmental and quality standards at their highest levels, whilst allowing us to explore new methods and processes.

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William Duff

William Duff

Director of Business Development, Commercial & Offshore

William (Willie) Duff is the Director of Sales at Harland & Wolff in the Commercial & Offshore (inc Renewables) sector of the business, and is responsible and accountable for driving the growth and increasing the sales of the business.

Willie started out his career serving a four year apprenticeship as a ”Boilermaker” in a major UK Dockyard in the mid – seventies, where he continued to work through until the year 2006, thereafter moving abroad to the Middle East to further develop his knowledge and experience in the Marine and Oil & Gas industries.

Willie is a proud, passionate and respected individual with loads of fun and energy. He has held senior management positions with major companies within the Marine and Oil & Gas sectors, and brings over 45 years of business development and project delivery experience to the company. Willie was recognized for his contribution and services to the Oil & Gas industry in 2015 at the Excellence Awards for Oil & Gas Services. Furthermore, in 2018 he was awarded for his exemplary personal achievement from the Offshore Jack Up Middle East Industry.

Outside of business, Willie is a keen and passionate sportsman. He played and coached football for many years. He has ran several marathons, working with many charities raising thousands of pounds in the process. Some significant achievements/ events include running the New York marathon and cycling the the length of the UK along with the Royal Navy.

Willie also had the pleasure of volunteering at the World Special Olympics (People with Determination) in 2019, which were held in UAE. His role was assisting the athletes over a 3 week period.

Willie enjoys a game of golf in his free time, where he pays to play as he says he is not good enough to get paid for playing.

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