We’re always looking to work with the best local suppliers – big and small.

We understand the value and importance of developing a robust, responsive supply chain that enhances our ability to provide an efficient service with fantastic results.

We know that having a dependable supply chain is key to meeting our ambitions around community involvement and development, ethics and carbon reduction. With the support of local partners, we can maintain a supply chain that is responsible, reputable and moral as well as mutually beneficial.

Why work with us?

With four yards working concurrently across six sectors, consistency and continuity are at the heart of everything we do. With business diversity across five markets, our appeal is in our strength of sustainability.

Our commitment to working in a way which is diverse, agile and expansive means we are always looking for suppliers and partners who can help us drive innovation and excellence through each of our projects and maintain the highest of standards.

Interested in Working with us?

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact procurement@harland-wolff.com and let us know what goods / services you provide and what you’d like to discuss with us. If you’re interested in the FSS Programme, please put FSS in the email title.

We are always open to developing relationships with partners who share our values when it comes to quality, consistency and delivery. To register your interest in becoming one of our suppliers, please complete the below form:

    Find out about our FSS Procurement page >

    Team Resolute