Winter Work Update

Wednesday 04 February 2004

The canal bridge for south Dublin was installed in early December by a team comprised of both core and temporary employees who worked on site outside Dublin for the installation period. It was installed to the customer’s satisfaction who has commented most favourably on our performance and in particular the commitment and application demonstrated by our employees. The N7 bridge is currently being completed in Harland and Wolff’s shops with installation scheduled for March. Harland and Wolff is currently bidding for other bridges. RJ Cooper, CEO, says: “Our growing reputation in this sector can only help us to turn these into firm orders.”

This project was completed to a very tight schedule of three weeks from receipt of drawings to delivery of the block to the customer’s satisfaction. In completing this project core employees (both engineering and operations) and temporary employees demonstrated their ability to meet a demanding challenge.

RJ Cooper says: “The customer has indicated that he is very satisfied and as a consequence we have taken on further work from him. We are exploring further possibilities to work on other projects together.”

The vessel repairs were completed during the Christmas holiday period. The contract was taken on at short notice on the basis that it helped develop our relationship with the customer. It was docked on the 28 December 2003 and returned to service on schedule on the 9th January 2004. The ship’s superintendent has commented very favourably on our work. The employees who worked on the project during the holiday period have helped develop our reputation as a 24/7, 365 day ‘one stop shop’, especially with the customer P&O, from whom we hope to secure further work.

Harland and Wolff continue to develop its relationship with the commercial and Naval Shipbuilder Nassco of San Diego. A contract has just been agreed for design engineering work to assist them with the T-AKE Replenishment Vessel. Harland and Wolff engineering sales manager Mark Withers said, ‘Nassco have extremely high standards, and are generally regarded as the leading commercial shipbuilder in the USA. For Harland and Wolff to secure further work is a great achievement and demonstrates Harland and Wolff’s ability to deliver as promised, to the highest engineering standard.’
The Design Engineering Team have continued to strengthen relationships with a number of Chinese yards and consultants, with promising results for the future of advanced ship design in Belfast.

Stena Voyager HSS is in the Belfast dock at present having just undergone its yearly docking.

The AP Merit, a Products Tanker, and the Stella Pollux, a bitumen tanker, underwent successful quayside repairs.

Due early Feb: Sea Containers’ Seacat Rapide and Hoverspeed’s Great Britain will double dock on the 3rd February for their annual repair and maintenance.