John Wood, Chief Executive Officer of Harland & Wolff, said:

“As CEO of Harland & Wolff, I am heartened by the recent developments indicating a return to power sharing government in Northern Ireland. The decision taken by the DUP Executive and the ensuing discussions among our political parties give rise to an optimism that the Executive will be restored promptly, and crucially, on a long-term, sustainable basis.

“At Harland & Wolff, we have consistently advocated for a functioning government to support the economic growth and investments crucial to our business and the wider community.

“I am hopeful that the forthcoming deal will catalyse Northern Ireland’s economic growth, leveraging its unique capabilities and strengths. Our commitment at Harland & Wolff is to collaborate with Executive Ministers and our partners in co-designing and co-delivering strategies that address these challenges and seize economic opportunities for shared, sustainable prosperity.

“Our focus now shifts to delivery, including key economic priorities such as productivity enhancement, bridging skills and infrastructure gaps, and bolstering our position as a maritime and marine manufacturing centre.

“We look forward to working with a new government and unlocking the full potential of our economy and workforce. We believe that with effective governance, we can achieve much more for Belfast and Northern Ireland as a whole.”