Islandmagee Energy has submitted a response into the NI Department for the Economy Energy Strategy Consultation. You can read the full report here.

“In November 2020, we welcomed the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Recovery. We believe that it is essential for industry and private sector to now take up the mandates established to realise these targets and ambitions. In a year when world leaders gather in the UK for COP26, it is essential governments establish further mechanisms to adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement (2016) and other protocols.

In order to unlock the full potential of a net zero energy sector, the Northern Ireland Executive must deliver on its responsibilities by supporting mutually dependent projects to be designed, built, and operated in a cohesive manner. If we are to achieve net zero, we must utilise the best systems and recruit the best talent that Northern Ireland has to offer.

Islandmagee Energy is committed to transitioning its salt cavern gas storage facility to one which will be capable of large-scale hydrogen storage, conditional to further regulatory approvals specific to hydrogen.

It is committed to working with all Government departments and parties to adequately recognise the importance of large-scale gas storage in providing security of supply and the stability of gas prices. Should the potential for hydrogen storage at Islandmagee be fulfilled, it will accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy sector in the UK but also the Republic of Ireland. Whilst any final investment decision will be contingent on the progress of policy frameworks which support the delivery of shared infrastructure and clear routes to market for hydrogen technologies, Islandmagee Energy is committed to ensuring the realisation of the Government’s net zero ambition.

To achieve Northern Ireland’s ambition, our leaders must recognise the engineering challenges involved, and the impacts of delayed decision-making. The Climate Change Committee’s 2020 report(1) made it very clear that governments need to “act courageously” and seize this opportunity for our society, energy sectors, economy and the environment.”

– John Wood

You can read the full report here.