Harland & Wolff has today been notified of the positive outcome in the judicial review relating to the Islandmagee Gas Storage Project.

A spokesperson for the company said:

“A judgement on the judicial review relating to the marine construction licence, abstraction licence and discharge consent for Islandmagee Energy Limited was delivered this morning in the Northern Ireland courts.

“The judgement has dismissed the judicial review on all counts and upheld the grant of the licences and the consent. The Company is awaiting the detailed transcript of the judgement and will issue a full statement once it has reviewed the details contained in the judgement.”

Harland & Wolff’s Islandmagee gas storage project was first established in 2010 when a layer of salt was discovered 1500m underneath Larne Lough. This salt layer is ideal for the establishment of underground gas storage caverns.

It is the only largescale gas storage project in the entire island of Ireland and lends itself naturally to boosting the security of energy supply to the entire island. The fact that gas will be stored in salt caverns allows for high deliverability rates into and out of the store, helping to balance the gas network in times of peak stress.

The Islandmagee facility is expected to provide over 25% of the UK’s natural gas storage capacity (based on 2018 data) and will support the growing demand for gas-fired power development and renewable energy generation throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.