Harland & Wolff has opened a new company in Scotland which will service the thriving energy sector in the UK’s energy capital – Aberdeen. Harland & Wolff Technologies will focus on fuels of the future, batteries, propulsion and system integration, whilst servicing operational assets in the North Sea.

Operating in conjunction with Harland & Wolff’s four delivery centres across the UK as well as working independently and directly with the company’s clients in other shipyards, Harland & Wolff Technologies will provide in-service support to assets that are already operational and are not in any drydock.

New technologies within the marine market are advancing at considerable pace and ensuring the company is at the forefront of this as an early adopter of new technologies is essential. The new subsidiary’s focus on batteries, propulsion, future fuels and systems integration will facilitate progress towards being a successful leader in these areas and make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s Net Zero targets. Harland & Wolff Technologies is developing a suite of support agreements and joint venture partnerships with equipment manufacturers in order to provide the highest level of service to the company’s clients.

Whilst the Company remains supportive of the UK’s Net Zero targets and the transition to cleaner energy and fuels, it is clear that traditional sources of energy will still have a significant role to play over the next few decades.  With the recent Government announcement on a series of new North Sea licensing rounds, the Group has seen an increase in the number of enquiries for offshore electrification projects, new platform construction projects and in-service support. Harland & Wolff will be well placed to address a very sizeable business opportunity across these markets.

John Wood, Group CEO of Harland & Wolff comments:

“With projects starting to ramp up and new technologies increasingly being incorporated into the majority of them, the establishment of Harland & Wolff Technologies enables us to be at the forefront of client requirements now and into the future. In the first instance, we will be focusing on in-service support including mechanical, pipework, fabrication and outfitting services.


“Harland & Wolff Technologies’ offering will allow assets to be in operation whilst being serviced by our riding crews. Ultimately, this will reduce the time spent by an asset in a drydock, keep it in continuous operation, and therefore reduce downtime costs, all of which are highly attractive outcomes for our clients.”