Ensuring effective, efficient and ethical decision-making at every level to maximise opportunities, reduce risk and deliver long-term value to all of Harland & Wolff’s stakeholders


The Board recognises the importance of good corporate governance and have chosen to apply the QCA Code. The QCA Code was developed by the Quoted Companies Alliance (the “QCA”), the independent membership organisation that champions the interests of small to mid-size quoted companies, in consultation with a number of significant institutional small company investors, as a suitable corporate governance code applicable to AIM companies.

As stated by the QCA, good corporate governance is about “having the right people (in the right roles), working together, and doing the right things to deliver value for shareholders as a whole over the medium to long-term”. This is achieved through a series of decisions made by the Board, which needs to be kept dynamic, diverse and engender a consistent corporate culture throughout the Harland & Wolff Group Holdings plc group of companies (the “Group”).

Our values are based on “Doing the right thing” for our people, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The Board believes this is vital to creating a sustainable, growing business and is a key responsibility of the Group. This culture supports the Group’s objectives to grow the business through acquiring and retaining customers. It is the Board’s job to ensure that the Group is managed for the long-term benefit of all shareholders, with effective and efficient decision-making. Corporate governance is an important part of that job, reducing risk and adding value to our business.

The Board has adopted the QCA Code in line with the London Stock Exchange’s recent changes to the AIM Rules requiring all AIM-quoted issuers to adopt and comply with a recognised corporate governance code. To see how we address the key governance principles defined in the QCA Code please refer to the below table. Further information on compliance with the QCA Code will be provided in the Group’s next annual report.

Clive Richardson

Non-Executive Chairman