In undertaking work in support of Construction, Refurbishment, Decommissioning, and Engineering across the Marine, Defence, Energy and other markets Harland and Wolff (Belfast) Limited (‘H&W’) is committed to maintaining an ongoing focus on quality.

The Directors recognise and embrace their duties and responsibilities under all statutory and contractual requirements which relate to the company’s activities which may impact its ability to produce and/or provide quality products and services. In doing so, they have developed and maintained this Policy as documented information and ensured that it is communicated within the company and made available to interested parties via the company web-site at The management system is developed to identify, consider and mitigate both the risks and opportunities which may arise due to the company’s activities.

H&W acknowledges customer satisfaction as a key element in business success and aims to consistently produce quality products and services that meet all necessary requirements.

H&W recognises the importance of its employees and supply chain and aims to continuously assess the resources and training that will develop the necessary skills to maintain a world-class level of competency and professionalism.

H&W is committed to continually improving the performance of the Quality Management System and setting quality objectives for the company, thereby enhancing its status within the market and its community.

H&W will engage positively with its customers and other interested parties in order to generate improvement and to ensure that measurable client objectives are established and reviewed.

H&W aims to promote a working environment where every individual has ownership of the Quality Management System and is ultimately accountable for the quality of the work they produce. Personal responsibility and accountability for quality rests with all of the company’s employees, contractors and sub-contractors, at all levels.

To realise this Policy the company is committed to the successful maintenance of a Quality Management System compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2015, whilst also complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements related to its business. This Policy shall be reviewed at least annually.