Harland & Wolff (Arnish) has been awarded a contract for the fabrication of four suction piles for a sub-sea template of an energy project in the Black Sea. This key win marks Arnish’s operational preparedness for the wider renewables sector in the UK.

With Arnish now  moving to full operations, it will be fabricating four suction piles – two at seven and a half metres diameter and twenty metres length, and two at six metres diameter and twelve metres length. The contract commences immediately and will last for approximately four and a half months. This contract marks Arnish’s first external contract in addition to the work that it is already being undertaken for our Methil facility.  The execution of this new contract now concludes the reactivation process of all yards, which are winning work in their own right.

Further, Harland & Wolff has bid for several additional contracts which will flow through Arnish in the coming weeks and months.  Major infrastructure developments across numerous sectors are beginning to move ahead to either construction or commercialisation stages and Arnish, with its specialist large diameter rolling equipment, is well placed to be a beneficiary as its capability is expected to be in high demand.

John Wood, Group CEO commented: 

“I am delighted to report that Arnish is now fully operational. We have taken the time to bring the site up to operational readiness. The works conducted by the local team have garnered positive reviews by clients who have inspected and audited the yard. 

“Arnish offers something quite different compared to our other yards and, looking ahead, the specialist large rolling equipment is set to be booked for extended periods by clients given the vast array of projects that require large diameter rolling of steel.”