On Thursday, March 9th 2023, Harland & Wolff (Appledore) General Manager Tom Hart, delivered an inspiring talk and engaging Q&A session as part of the Way of the Wharves Charity Maritime talks.

The event took place at the prestigious ‘The Burton at Bideford Art Gallery and Museum’ and focused on the illustrious history of Harland & Wolff and its present and future endeavours.

The local stakeholders in attendance were thoroughly impressed by Tom’s extensive knowledge and passion for the Harland & Wolff Appledore, and they were pleased to hear that the shipyard would continue to thrive in the future. Such was the impact of the talk, that Tom was invited to lead future discussions with the charity, an offer he gratefully accepted.

Tom Hart stated, ”the talk gave an overview of the shipyard, Harland & Wolff, Appledore and was presented giving some summary details of the recent history since the yard has re-opened in 2020 with projects, manpower growth, investment & apprentices.” Tom also added “ I answered questions, which were mainly with regard to the future of the yard, work in the pipeline, job security, and apprentices. The venue was full, and the audience were all local people who are interested in the shipyard and its future for the growth of the area.

Mike Teare, Chairman of Way of the Wharves, also stated that “It was great to hear such positive news about future projects, investment, and employment on the Torridge and I think the audience especially enjoyed being able to ask questions and have such an open dialogue. We had an audience” … “crammed into that room. We’ll have to find somewhere bigger for next time!