In undertaking work in support of Construction, Refurbishment, Decommissioning, and Engineering across the Marine, Defence, Energy and other markets Harland and Wolff (Belfast) Limited (‘H&W’) is committed to maintaining an ongoing focus on protecting the environment.

The Directors recognise and embrace their duties and responsibilities under all statutory requirements and codes of practice which relate to the company’s activities which may impact on t he environment, welfare of all of its employees and all other persons reasonably likely to be affected by its activities. In doing so they have developed and maintained this Policy as documented information and ensured that it is communicated within the company and made available to interested parties via the company web-site at The management system is developed to identify, consider and mitigate both the risks and opportunities which may arise due to the company’s activities.

Responsibility for the implementation, operation and satisfactory performance of the company’s Environmental Management System, the aims of which are integrated with operational activities, lies with all the employees of the company, and with the contractors and sub-contractors the company utilises.

To support this Policy, the company shall ensure that:

  • it understands its interactions with the environment and set relevant objectives to successfully implement this Policy
  • it commits necessary staff and resources to ensure that the relevant objectives are met
  • its employees are trained as necessary to understand this Policy and have the necessary skills to implement it
  • it monitors its performance against this Policy and seek continuous improvement

The company’s aim is to minimise its environmental impact and enhance its positive contribution in a manner that balances cost effectiveness, quality and environmental issues with the views of its customers, employees, and suppliers along with the regulatory framework and other interested parties by:

  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements of relevant environmental legislation
  • Having regard for the environmental effects of raw material sourcing
  • Reducing waste and consumption of resources
  • Influencing the design of products for optimal environmental performance
  • Minimising the environmental effects of new developments through detailed planning
  • Eliminating polluting releases to the environment and deployment of a continual improvement strategy within operations
  • Maintaining certification of the established Environmental Management System to BS

EN ISO 14001:2015

  • Endeavouring to continually improve the Environmental Management System

The effectiveness of this Policy will be regularly reviewed by the company’s management to affirm and maintain its commitment to minimising the company’s impact on the environment.