To co-ordinate all company activities of a project to ensure the achievement of delivery, quality, schedule, cost, and income targets within a safe working environment and to the customer’s satisfaction.


  • To accept the Project from the Bid Team and ensure that the terms and conditions of the agreed contract are clearly understood and that all necessary and available information is transferred to the Project
  • To develop a strategy and project plan in conjunction with project planning to execute the project to the optimum benefit of the company
  • To develop operational/tactical plans to implement the project plan
  • To identify all resources (people, information, facilities and equipment and engineering support) necessary to support the project plan, its duration and review as necessary as the project progresses.
  • To develop and update risk management, quality and safety plans as necessary to protect the company’s commitments
  • To develop capital, overhead and manhour budgets for the project and establish the basis for costing and coding of all project activities
  • To co-ordinate the company’s resources and subcontractors to deliver the project to schedule, quality, safety, cost and income requirements
  • To monitor progress of all aspects of the project against budgets, provide forecasts, identify potential problems or variances and develop as necessary the appropriate recovery plans
  • To manage the project in accordance with the contract terms and conditions
  • To ensure that all changes to the project specification and contract are identified at the earliest possible stage through the establishment of appropriate control procedures
  • To negotiate with the customer with regard to contractual changes, additional work or any other change that may materially impact upon the outcome of the project
  • To ensure adherence to the Company’s procedures in respect of changes and that the necessary documentation and records are maintained at all times
  • To develop effective working relationships with the customer, classification society, suppliers, subcontractors and company departments at all times
  • To maximise the financial contribution from the project
  • To liaise with the customer and Finance Department to ensure payment of instalments to schedule
  • To develop and maintain a safe working environment at all times for all aspects of the project
  • To initiate improvement actions in pursuit of overall continuous improvement
  • To ensure that budgets are effectively controlled at all times
  • To plan for the release of project resources to minimise costs to the project and the company
  • To agree and deliver the Quality Package to the customer
  • To prepare and agree the Final Account with the customer
  • To complete the Project Assessment Report
  • To assist in the development of the Company’s strategy in respect of future projects
  • To assist with the development of bids and in contract negotiations

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this position, please email your CV to