SS Nomadic Campaign

Wednesday 05 January 2005

Adding to a local Northern Ireland campaign led by Belfast Industrial Heritage, French campaigners, headed by Association Française du Titanic member Thierry Dufournaud, are determined to save the last physical link to the White Star Line vessels, Olympic and Titanic.

The Nomadic, often called the ‘Mothership of the Titanic’, was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast and delivered on the 27th May 1911. Along with her sister vessel Traffic, she ferried passengers, luggage and supplies out to the vast ships.

Nomadic served in two World Wars, as a troop carrier in WWI and as a coastal patrol and minelayer during WWII. She also participated in the evacuation of Allied troops from La Havre.

Nomadic is currently for sale. She is destined for the breakers yard if she cannot be saved for future generations.

For more information on Belfast Industrial Heritage’s efforts to save Nomadic, please use the following link;

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