Tuesday 28 April 2009

Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries Ltd. has secured a large steel assembly contract from German offshore construction company Weserwind GmbH on behalf of BARD Engineering GmbH. The contract is due for completion in August 2009.
Bremerhaven-based Weserwind GmbH commissioned the Belfast yard to assemble and erect a jacket structure (lower sections) of an offshore transformer platform in the yard’s main building dock. The floatable topside (upper section) will be delivered to the yard by sea, for offloading and installation on the top of the lower section in June 2009.
Harland and Wolff will provide facilities and support services acting as an assembly and logistics base to Weserwind GmbH.
In addition to the 80 wind turbines of type BARD 5.0 (5 MW each), the transformer platform will be connected to the individual high-voltage cables from the wind turbines. The power transmission will be bundled through the platform.
The platform’s substructure jacket (lower section) dimensions are approx. 60m X 60m X 58m high and weighs approx. 3600 tonnes. The topside transformer (upper section) dimensions are approx. 42m X 42m X 25m high and weighs approx. 2000 tonnes. When complete the transformer will be located 90km northwest of the island of Borkum within the area Allgemeine Wirtschaftszone" (AWZ)
Harland and Wolff head of sales and marketing David McVeigh says the contract further consolidates the company’s central position in the renewable energy sector.
“This is a significant win for a number of reasons: the platform specifically designed and built for the offshore wind farm industry, demands high precision co-ordination among a number of specialist manufacturers across Europe and is proof of our ability to diversify and be a bigger player in the Offshore Wind Energy Industry” says Mr McVeigh.
“Capital works programmes of this size are highly prized by engineering firms across the world and we have to compete with the best,” he says. “Our reputation in the renewable energy sector continues to grow and winning contracts like this is down to the company’s ability to successfully diversify into markets that suit our facilities and skills.”
“The attraction of Harland and Wolff is the combination of facilities and experience – the facilities are second to none for this type of business and having been involved in the wind energy market for years, we have gained vast experience which has enabled us to expand our capabilities in this market,” says Mr McVeigh.
The first components will be delivered to Harland and Wolff by sea in March 2009, just as the current assembly project of 60 wind turbines destined for an offshore site near the south west Scottish coast of the Irish Sea nears completion.
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The key to H&W’s success is a strong track record and reputation with rig and vessel owners for quality, reliability and timely execution of complex projects.
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With the largest docks in Western Europe (the biggest being the 556m x 93m ‘Main Dock’ served by twin 840 tonne Gantry Cranes) and 2x60te dockside cranes, there is very little they cannot accommodate; semi-submersibles, jack-ups, deep-sea barges and support vessels e.g. shuttle Tankers, are all catered for.
Harland and Wolff has large capacity for scaffolding and paint application in conjunction with on-site industrial partner Pyeroy. Recent projects have included an Aker H3 semi-submersible, the world’s largest passenger ferry Ulysses and two high speed catamarans concurrently.
With over 30,000m2 of covered fabrication halls, the large capacity and flexible arrangement allow for rapid execution of bespoke modules and units for installation at H&W’s dock/quayside or delivery to the parent unit elsewhere for integration. Recent modules have included accommodation blocks and power generation modules, fully designed, outfitted and commissioned.
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