Harland and Wolff full of Dolphins

Wednesday 05 January 2005

The rigs - Byford Dolphin and Borgsten Dolphin - are in the 550 metre long main dock for comprehensive inspection, repair and upgrade in readiness for new commissions in the North Sea. Work included substantial repainting, fatigue enhancement and repair generated by their IIP (In service Inspection Programme).

Byford Dolphin is due to leave Belfast for in mid January. The Borgsten will undergo further work and is expected to leave in March.

Dolphin AS Project Manager, Calum MacSween, says: “We are very pleased to
bring these rigs to Belfast. We demand a very high standard and we know Harland and Wolff won't let us down.”

Harland and Wolff Ship Repair & Conversion Sales Manager, Billy McCracken says: “We are very proud to bring respected customers such as Dolphin Drilling
to our docks. They demand quality, strict deadlines and value for money.”

“A 60% growth in dockings and repairs this year indicates that we are getting it right,” he says.

Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries, headed by chief executive Robert J Cooper, has focused on three main fields of activity since it was restructured three years ago.

The ship building, repair and conversion service has seen unprecedented levels of activity during 2004.

The civil engineering activity generated seven major contracts for bridge constructions which were exported to Ireland, England and Scotland during the same period.

The design engineering capacity at Harland and Wolff has also seen similar levels of business with contract work in the USA, New Zealand and GB.