Harland and Wolff Returns Cobelfret Vessel to ‘As New’ Condition

Monday 11 August 2003

Jim Shaw, Harland and Wolff project manager says the four-week project which included mechanical overhaul, internal and external repainting to Cobelfret fleet colours, was particularly demanding as both charterer’s and owner’s superintendents were on-site, making the project more demanding than normal.

“The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is responsible for returning the vessel in good order to its owners, while we are charged with making sure that everything is ship-shape and acceptable to both parties,” says Mr Shaw. “Thankfully the standards of quality at the Belfast yard have proven to be outstanding yet again and I’m happy to report that the owners are more than pleased with the result.”

George Wilson, Euroship Superintendent, said, “Celestine’s return is eagerly awaited by Cobelfret Group in Belgium to service their growing trade between Zeebrugge and Immingham. The great work carried out by Harland and Wolff has returned the vessel to the high standard demanded for a Euroship managed vessel. The paint finish, especially internally, is better than I’ve ever seen. They have completed to a standard that I did not think achievable.”

Chief Officer Rob Cranstone, responsible on behalf of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary for the handover says the Sea Crusader served as a support vessel for seven years all over the world. “After such a long period of duty repairs and modifications to the ship are necessary before it can be returned to its owners and I am very pleased with the work conducted by Harland and Wolff,” he says.

Harland and Wolff says the vessel returns to service this week. Euroship Services will manage the vessel, along with her five sisters and the remainder of the Cobelfret Fleet.

The 24,000-tonne Celestine was built in 1996 and can carry 630 cars and 156 trailers.

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