Harland and Wolff Renewables Forum

Friday 02 September 2005

Harland and Wolff, which recently won a major contract for an offshore wind farm in Cumbria, held an event in conjunction with Action Renewables to brief key audiences and potential customers in the wind energy business about its work. The audience included environmental and wildlife lobby groups, government representatives and legislators and regulators.

David McVeigh, left, Sales and Marketing Manager for Harland and Wolff, with Dr Andy McCrea, director of Action Renewables and Ray Turner, Department of Finance and Personnel, says that the company is in a prime position to capitalise on the growing renewable energy market.

“It is estimated that wind energy capacity across Europe has been growing at more than 20% each year, and with strict EU regulations with regard to expanding renewable energy capacity, it is likely that the rate of growth will increase in the years to come,” he said.

“Harland and Wolff are well placed to capitalise on opportunities in this growing market as we are able to offer a service that few other companies in the UK can provide.

“We have a deepwater port with 24-hour access and twin 900 tonne gantry cranes.

"We can boast a team of skilled tradesmen and, with the growth of interest in wind farms in the Irish Sea, we hope that many more contracts will come,” he said.

Dr McCrea said: "Northern Ireland has not only the best wind resource in Europe but we have the potential to become a significant player in the renewable energy industry global market. In the wind industry alone, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 5000 jobs in the UK. NI's geographical positioning makes it an ideal location for exploiting this opportunity. Harland and Wolff are again leading the way for others in Northern Ireland to follow."

The Cumbrian wind farm, which is being installed by Marine Projects International, will be located off the coast close to Barrow-in-Furness in water which is up to 30 metres deep.