Harland and Wolff Oilrigs Set for Mexico

Tuesday 11 November 2003

Jim Shaw, Harland and Wolff’s project manager who has overseen final preparations says the offshore industry has been flat and the rigs’ move could signal a new kick-start for the wider oil industry.

“Harland and Wolff has always been active in the oil industry but in recent years we have had to look to civil engineering and design work as well as other areas because of the slow-down,” he says.

Both rigs are Norwegian-built Aker H3s weighing 13,800 tonnes and accommodating 90 crew. They have been leased by Mexico City-based P-Mex for two and four years each. The rigs are expected to be in position by Christmas.

David McVeigh, Harland and Wolff’s sales and marketing manager, says the yard has had a busy year and looks likely to bring in more marine and civil engineering work shortly.