Harland and Wolff has one of Europe's largest heavy engineering facilities. Purposely developed to create some of the world's largest ocean-going vessels the facilities are now available for a broad range of engineering projects. The world class facilities are able to handle the largest of structures in a safe, productive and cost effective environment.

6 miles to end of Victoria Channel
16 miles to clear Belfast Lough

Victoria Channel dimensions:
Water Depth:    Min 8.6m Max 12.57m
(relative to harbour datum)
Width:               152.4m
Height:              There are no locks, bridges or other height restrictions to open water

Belfast Quay
Concrete built and fully serviced
with dedicated facilities (electricity, water and air)
432m with 8.6m dredged box (relative to harbour datum)
One 40t @ 30m Cranes Stothert & Pitt
Commissioning Quay
170m with 8.6m dredged box (relative to harbour datum)
One 20t @ 19.2m Crane Stothert & Pitt
Steel Quay
120m with 8.6m dredged box (relative to harbour datum)
Serviced by water and electricity
24/7 Site security
ISPS Approved
Full palisade perimeter fence
Extensive CCTV

Over 30,000m2 covered fabrication halls
Structural steel 100-250t per week capacity
Miscellaneous steel 30-75t per week capacity
Pipe Manufacture 100-300 spools per week capacity
Straight Lift:          300 tonne (2 x 150t)
Turnover Lift:        150 tonne
Turnover Height:   23m
Door:                     40m w x 18m h

One 520t Scheuerle transporter
One 260t Scheuerle transporter
Ability to connect and potential to jointly transport 780t, dependent on load type.

One 42t Hyster forklift
One 24t Hyster forklift
One 80t Terex mobile crane

Range of forklifts, telehandlers, cherry pickers and scissor-lifts on-site full time.

Click here for technical information on the dry dock and gantry cranes

556m x 93m
200t/keel block loading
8.41m depth of water over sill at MHWS
Six section intermediate gate
Licensed for the repair of vessels
Extensive dockside facilities including project/client offices and conference rooms up to 160 persons and amenities for up to 1000 workers (4 x 250-person blocks).

Cranes - Main Dock
Two ‘Goliath’ type gantry cranes:
Span:                                140m
Lifting height:                     70m
Safe working load:             840t
Two 60t @ 25m Henson
One 9t @ 40m Stothert & Pitt

335m x 50.29m
240t m2 permissible docking pressure
11.58m depth of water over sill at MHWS
1500m3 slops reception
Licensed for open grit blasting
Two 40t @ 24.3m Cranes Stothert & Pitt
One 80t @ 38m Crane Stothert & Pitt

Permanent Paint Hall (two off)

  • dimensions 45m x 17m
  • overall area 765m2
  • door maximum 13.5m wide x 11.87m high

Paint Cell- Fully insulated, with an automated heating and filtration system capable of 10 air changes/hour and providing a temperature of up to 35oC (depending on the outside temperature).

Blast Cell- 4 separate dust extraction systems, capable of 10 air changes/hour and is heated by waste heat from the compressor house. Expendable grit, as this offers better quality and avoids any risk of dust contamination.

Temporary Encapsulation Structure (two off)
dimensions 35m long x 30m wide x 20.6m high, can be configured as one large hall (70m long) or subdivided into multiple units. Access via gantry crane and two Rubb removable roofs.

From Concept to Detail Design.
Track record includes Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Cruise Ships, FPSOs and Drillships.

  • Aveva Marine for 3D modelling (CADCAM)
  • AutoCAD for 2D drafting
  • NAPA, NavCAD and Maxsurf for Naval Architecture
  • DNV Genie for FEA
  • DNV Nauticus for Structural Calculations
  • DNV Pipeflow for Systems
  • Rhino for 3D presentations

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